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Planetary Grinders / Scarifiers

Scanmaskin Scan Combiflex 650


The ScanCombiflex 650 (SC 650) is a robust and stable machine made of steel, designed for both residential and commercial applications with its 650 mm/25.6” grinding width. The SC 650 uses a patented planetary system to drive its three heads drum, which are powered by a double-sided cog belt and gear ring. This design helps reduce the amount of stress and torque on the operator.

The SC 650 features industrial grade components and is designed for durability and simple maintenance. This model can also be used for wet grinding with the included water connection valve (pressurized water hose required).

Edco CPM8-9H

Edco CPM89H.jpg

​The CPM8's 8" working width will scarify approximately 350-500 sq ft per hour at a depth per pass of 1/8".  It will remove traffic lines at 800-1,000 linear feet per hour.  The power source over drum eliminates vibration and maximize surface contact.  The front-mounted lifting handle makes loading and unloading easy.  Vacuum port equipped.  The optional edger attachment allows the CPM-8 to get within 1 3/4" of any vertical surface.  It is ideal for sidewalk trip hazard repair, concrete and coatings removal, floor cleaning and/or preparations, creating non-slip surfaces, and traffic line and markings removal

Scanmaskin 18


The Scanmaskin 18 is designed to grind and sand different types of wood and concrete surfaces. This includes painted and damaged or old wood flooring along with new installations. The Scanmaskin 18 is a great solution for grinding both plank flooring and parquet floors.

Thanks to its size, the Scanmaskin 18 is a very smooth machine that you can easily get close to the wall. It is also equipped with adjustable speed so you can adjust your speed depending on the surface and tooling being used. Adjustable speed is important to have when sanding wooden floors or grinding and polishing concrete.

There’s a large selection of tooling that can be used on the machine, mounted with either velcro holders or our custom ScanOn attachment. The ScanOn attachment system makes it quick and easy to change tooling. For smooth and simple transport, the Scanmaskin 18 separates into two compact pieces that can be loaded into a large car trunk.

Edco MagnaTrap 10" Turbo Grinder


The TG10's 10″ working width will grind approximately 400-500 sq. ft. per hour at 1/16″ with EDCO Dyma-Dots tooling.  Grind wet or dry.  Includes 10″ Magna-Trap® Accessory Disc & standard vacuum port.  Rounded shroud allows you to grind within 1/2” of any vertical surface and also provides better dust control.  Less torque on operator.  Tapered roller bearings have improved seals for longer life and less maintenance.

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