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Site Drainer SD300

Appropriate for a multitude of commercial and residential dewatering purposes such as: construction site drainage, emergency floodwater drainage, sludge dewatering, flooded basements, pool and spa and general dewatering.

The Site Drainer SD300 has a rugged, corrosion-proof thermoplastic casing, built in float and check valve, 15' power cord with 3-prong grounded plug, two position switch for manual or automatic operation, two threaded plastic adapters for 3/4" to 2" connections included, bright orange color is easy to see for safety purposes and includes a slot for pole and flag (not included), internal pump is UL-certified and CSA listed.

Waterbed Pump - PR360IMP

  • Lifts liquid from 7' below and will pump it up to 48' high

  • Rigid stainless steel handle

  • Self-priming

  • 6' cord with grounded plug

  • Thermally protected motor (115V AC)


Tsurumi TDE5-200 Diaphragm pump

TDE5 diaphragm pump - Capable of continuous dry operation for seepage dewatering.  Handles sand, mud and sludge.

The modular component design permits easy maintenance and cleanout.  Sand cast aluminum construction for portability and durability.  Thermoplastic rubber diaphragm and 2" NPT suction and discharge size.  1 5/8" diameter solids handling capability.  Electric motor model delivers up to 90GPM.  Maximum temperature 180°F


Koshin PS65011CR Submersible

The Koshin PS-65011 is a submersible pump that has double mechanical seals that run in a oil filled chamber of liquid paraffin which protects against damage from time when dry running. The PS-65011 allows a high amount of endurance due to the water flow that goes to the outer wall to keep the motor cool. The model is lightweight and compact making it easy to transport and use. The PS-65011 features liquid paraffin in the shaft seal, ensuring that water will not be infected in case of an oil leakage The cord is uni-body design which makes for water tightness Motor Output- 1/2 hp 


Tsurumi HS2.4S Submersible Pump

Tsurumi Pumps are world-renown for dependability, performance and value. Their semi-vortex design enables them to efficiently and effectively handle solids. Silicon carbide mechanical seals outwear all other materials by a wide margin. Built-in thermal protection prevents motor failure from over-amperage overheating and running dry.

Manual electric submersible pumps are durable trash pumps. 1/2HP & 2" discharge. Designed to pump sand, solids and debris with minimal wear and clogging.

  • Built-in shaft mounted agitator suspends solids.

  • Semi-vortex urethane rubber impeller with agitator suspends solids and allows for pumping of sand and stringy material.

  • Double inside mechanical seals with silicon carbide faces running in an oil filled chamber provide for one the most durable seal designs available.

  • Oil Lifter provides lubrication of the seal faces. (Patented)

  • V-Ring Seal design protects mechanical seal from abrasive particles.

  • Built in thermal protection prevents motor failure due to overloading, accidental run-dry and single phasing in three phase units.

This efficient and durable trash pump is designed to easily pump sand, solids, and debris with minimal wear and clogging. The Tsurumi HS2.4S Sump Pump has a built-in shaft mounted agitator that can handle various solids when pumping. 

  • 2" discharge

  • Urethane Semi-Vortex Impeller

  • 5.4-Amp motor with thermal protection is able to pump up to 3180 GPH

  • Oil Lifter lubricates seal faces

  • Grey iron casting case is reliable and lightweight

  • Built-In Shaft Mounted Agitator suspends sand and debris for minimal congestion and wear


Tsurumi HS2.4S-62 Submersible Pump


Tsurumi TD5-300 Diaphragm Pump

The Tsurumi TD5-300 diaphragm is a powerful sand, mud and sludge handling pump.  It is capable of continuous dry operation for seepage dewatering.  It has sandcast aluminum construction for portability and durability.  It has a thermoplastic rubber diaphragm and 2" or 3" NPT suction and discharge size. with a 1 5/8" Diameter solids handling capability.  The modular component design permits easy maintenance and cleanout.  Delivers up to 90 GPM.  Maximum Temperature: 180° F.


BE TP-3013HM

BE TP-3013HM.jpg

The BE TP-3013HM is a 3" trash pump capable of handling up to 1" solids.  It has a commercial-grade 389cc Honda GX 4-cycle engine, making it reliable, technologically advanced and easy to start.  It will alert you or shut the engine down if oil reaches an unsafe level.  The aluminum pump housing and cast Iron impeller extends the life of the pump.  The self-priming design requires initial priming to operate

Subaru PKX320ST


Lightweight, die-cast aluminum pump housing provides durability against damaging debris. Spherodial graphite cast-iron volute provides extra durability for abusive applications. Abrasion-resistant, spherodial graphite heavy-duty cast-iron impeller reduces maintenance. Self-lubricating silicon-carbide mechanical seal enhances durability and performance. Shim system on impeller extends pump life. Steel tubular wraparound frame protects the pump, engine and all components from damage.

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