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30# Chipping Hammer w/Flex Blade

30 lb chipping hammer.png

The top spec D25901K 22 lb. SDS Max Demolition Hammer with SHOCKS® provides high performance without overheating. The hard hitting and reliable German engineered mechanism delivers 19 joules of impact energy and a non-air pumping beat piece to extend tool and seal life by eliminating dust from entering the unit. DEWALT's SHOCKS-Active Vibration Control® system reduces vibration at the handles, compared to hammers without such systems. A large rocker switch makes it easy to power on and switch off.

Self-propelled walk-behind scraper


The 6280HD Stripper has earned the title of most aggressive walk behind floor scraper in the industry. It efficiently removes carpets, glues, mastic, VCT, hardwoods and most ceramics. Designed for maximum torque to remove hard goods, the 6280HD plows through most materials!

40# Chipping Hammer w/Trolley

Makinex Trolley.jpg

The Makinex Jackhammer Trolley is an innovative demolition tool for the fast and easy removal of floor tiles, vinyl and cork from concrete and wooden surfaces. It can also be used to remove residue from tile beds and for breaking rocks, blocks, concrete and sandstone. No more struggling or bending trying to handle heavy electric breakers. The Makinex Jackhammer Trolley is easy to use; it carries most of the weight of the jack hammer while the user pushes the trolley along. A large footplate enables forward pressure to be applied improving the speed of demolition and tile removal. 

Battery powered ride-on floor stripper


The 5700 is the best ride-on scraper in the industry and has the ability to power through an 8 to 12 hour day on a single charge. Its compact design makes it suitable for any jobsite and this machine will easily take up the toughest materials including wood and ceramic.

The Dual Lift feature adds operator controls for adjusting blade pitch and angle while remaining seated.

Auto scrubbers

Predator 20dx.jpg

The new PAS20DX features aggressive cleaning power with 90 lbs. of floating contouring brush pressure. To get this pressure with other scrubbers, you have to use a fixed setting. The easy to use PAS20DX features a 20 inch cleaning path that fits easily through doorways and into tight spaces. And thick slurry is no match for the 3-stage suction motor that vacuums up the waste at all speed settings. Maintenance is made simpler with easy access to batteries, vacuum motors and tanks, and with lifetime lubrication on the differential motor. The PAS20DX battery operated scrubber provides a run time of up to 5 hours for continuous scrubbing power.

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