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Pullman Holt F500


The F500 is an economical blower fan with a unique housing design that channels airflow more efficiently to provide quicker and more uniform drying. Built with an industrial grade motor and high quality materials, the F500 will withstand the constant handling and transportation required from job to job. This versatile blower fan operates on three speeds, adjusting the volume of airflow up to a maximum of 3500 CFM to meet specific drying requirements.

This air dryer is capable of drying the whole room! Pulls warmer, drier air down and blows it across the entire room. This floor dryer provides 3500 CFM with a 1/4HP 2-speed motor. Polyethylene housing is molded to provide 4 drying positions. This blower features a 6-blade precision pitch propeller. Allows 360° directed air flow. Heavy duty swivel casters for easy mobility. Stacks up to 4 dryers high for storage. 20'L power cord.

Powr Flite PDF6WRD


Powr Flite PDS1


The Powr-Dryer is a full-featured commercial dryer that boasts an impressive 3,800 feet per minute in air velocity. Even with all that power, the PDS1 still weighs in at only 22 lbs. and is compact enough to fit in closets and the back of vehicles with ease. Additionally, it has a low amp draw of only 4.4 amps, giving you the most airflow for a small amount of amps. Stop trading performance for price and get Powr-Flite’s updated Powr-Dryer!

Powr Flite PDH2


The new Powr-Flite Hybrid dryer combines the best features of a squirrel cage design with the increased drying power of an axial fan. Leveraging state-of-the-art engineering, this dryer has an incredible maximum air velocity of 3,400 feet per minute in a compact, yet highly efficient size. Carpets dry quickly under the high-volume, high-velocity airflow. Long-lasting and durable, the Hybrid dryer is built with heavy duty, co-polymer polypropylene to withstand the tough, every-day use of contract cleaners, restoration professionals and more.

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